News at Ringel-Bros.

Exventys Archimedys Modular Screw Conveyer
NEW: Ringel-Bros is proud to announce on the representation of Exventys Archimedys Modular Screw Conveyer Systems. The revolutionary solution for dosing, packaging conveying & more, makes the chemicals, food & other products easier to deal with ever! Please contact us…
Sammi Line Blinds
Ringel-Bros is proud to represent Sammi Line Blinds from Korea. Sammi is a leading supplier with intensive worldwide presence & reference of Line Blinds for many applications. Please contact us for additional info.
Perry Process Equipment
Ringel-Bros is much glad to enter the new field of used and 2nd hand equipment by the representation of Pery Process Equipmnet; please contact us with any need of process equipmnet and we shall apply to Perry for the challange!
New representation from India - Pennwalt Ltd.
Ringel-Bros. is proud to present Pennwalt India for Separation Equipments for Chemical Processing, Bio Technology applications and Effluent Treatment Applications. Pennwalt is a leading supplier of Dcanter Centrifuges, Tubular Bowl Centrifuges and Vibrating Screens. Please contact us for any clarification/inquiry.
New: Guichon Valves
Ringel-Bros is proud to present the new agency of Guichon Valves for reactors/vessels discharge valves and much more... please visit the company web site for additional info and contact us with any inquiry
New: ProSys Containment & Sampling Technology
Rinegl-Bros. is proud to represent ProSys Containment & Sampling Technology in the Israeli market
New: Famat Engineered Valves
Ringel-Bros. is proud to present Famat Engineered Valves in the Israeli market.

About Us

Ringel Bros. (1973) LTD. is a privately held leading agency company serving the Israeli process industries for many years (Actual formation started in 1973; company registered since 1949). 

Our company is located in the city of Tel-Aviv and our facilities includes 100 m2 office and 380 m2 workshop, in which we expertise in assembly, repair, and overhaul of different equipments. 

Our highly skilled team includes 2 mechanics, 2 back-office support and 3 sales engineers. 

Our company represents mostly European and North American leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment and process know-how  .
Due to the verity of products handled by Ringel-Bros. and as a result of the company intensive marketing activities, RIngel-Bros. enjoys extensive exposure to a wide range of Israeli process industries including the chemical industry, fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petro-chemicals, minerals extraction, mining, water, food, cosmetics and more.

The nature and resources of our company allow us dual mode of operation based on client’s direct orders with our suppliers and on local resale orders with option for technical services in our workshop.

Ringel-Bros. strategy is to increase the business and the fields of activities thus allowing the company offering its services for additional lines of products, mainly in core process equipments.


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